Moving abroad for better job opportunities, quality education, and investment is like a dream for many people. However, many countries are offering citizenship facilities to foreigners through investment. This trend is growing rapidly in all countries. If you want to obtain a passport for Turkish Citizenship by investment, then hold on; you do not how many benefits you may enjoy by obtaining Cyprus Citizenship.

Getting Cyprus citizenship has multiple benefits. Cyprus is a permanent member of the European Union, which allows Cyprus citizens to travel anywhere in Europe.  For obtaining citizenship, you have to invest in the real estate industry in Cyprus.

In this article, we are going to share the various benefits of getting Cyprus Citizenship.

Freedom of movement:

One of the best things about having a Cyprus passport is you have freedom of movement anywhere in the European Union countries. Cyprus has the world’s best schools and universities that attract foreign students. You may also bring your entire family by investing in the real estate industry. Another important aspect that makes Cyprus a better destination is world class healthcare in the world.

Visa-free travel:

People who have a Cyprus passport may travel to at least 150 countries in the world without Visa. However, the rest of the countries provide visa facility on arrival.

Get citizenship faster:

One of the great benefits of applying for Cyprus citizenship by investment Dubai is you can get approval within six months. It is a faster service that the Cyprus government provides to foreigners. Therefore, most people prefer to get Cyprus citizenship as it is an easy route map to EU citizenship.

Passport for the entire family:

People with Cyprus citizenship by investment have special permissions to bring their dependents with them on one application, including parents, spouses, and children who are under the age of 18 years old. It means you can get EU citizenship for the entire family.

Tax facilities:

Cyprus does not apply tax on people who have residency in another country. They also do not charge tax on inheritance and dividends.

No requirements for residence:

Cyprus citizenship by investment does not require residency, which means the investor cannot live in Cyprus during the application process.

Economic stability and safe country:

Cyprus is a small country that has only 5 million populations, and this country is considered one of the safest places in Europe. The GDP growth rate in Cyprus is 3.2%.