Every person needs a skill to become something or to start off with their career. Some people are born with some set of skills and some develop it with some certain period of time. Scientists, health experts and the doctors of children and brain experts are always finding out more answers about the skill development.

You must be wondering that how it is that much complicated that so many people are working on it, well, that is because the brain is a complicated organ and only 13 percent of it has been explored. Scientists and researchers have distributed some parts of the Einstein’s brain so that they can study it that how a kid being dropped out of college and being below average in studies become one the most genius person in the world.

We also saw a case where a person who was once driving, he met an accident and he was on coma for some months and his guardians put aside all kinds of holy books near his head and some used to read them and they were in different languages and when the guy woke up, he knew all those languages like he was born in those cities.

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