When you are having a salon in a good area of your city then you will need to get more good workers too and for that you have to put advertisement in the newspaper so that people will come to you. You can get the interview to see that which one is best for your work and then you will hire that to boost your work to a next level. Having the best barber in Dubai is not difficult when you are paying good amount to them as pay. You need to get the work from them according to the amount you are paying to them. You have to see that the best barber shops in Dubai are famous just because of their good workers so you need to do the same with your shop. To hire the best people you need to see the following in them:

Portfolio is the file of different documents having proof of the experience and working abilities of a person. You need to check the portfolio first and then select whom you would like to hire. There will be many people applying for the job when you give ads and you have to carefully interview all of them and this interview must have some practical work to know that that well they can perform even under pressurizing situations. When you are going to select the best people then you have to pay them good money too otherwise they will leave your work and go to somewhere else where they will be paid more.

While determining the amount to pay to them you have to see different things like their working ability, work experience, good conduct, good hygiene and better behavior towards others. These are the important things in any good worker and you have to search for that first and when you get a person with all these abilities then you will be the lucky one and you should not give him a chance to leave your salon, you can do that by paying more monthly income and also letting them having their tip which clients will give them after getting services from them. You can also provide them extra facilities like travelling allowance of service so they can reach to your salon easily without any difficulty. You can also provide them the facility to get concession for their immediate family members.