Most of the people are quite confused regarding the difference between renovation and fit out. Although both terms are mostly used interchangeably but there is slight difference between both of them which you all should know. If we talk about renovation then it is more focused towards the design and interior which includes wall colors, furnishing, and decor items etc. But when it comes to fit out then it is more about transforming an empty space into appropriate functional place.

Fit outs usually include amendments in structural features like adding appropriate ventilation, door and window fittings etc. There are several fit out companies in Abu Dhabi and interior design in Dubai companies which offer the latest innovative services to their clients in order to add sufficient aesthetics and functionality to their place. Following are different types of fit out services so keep on reading.

Shell and core

This is the initial and basic type of fit out in which the place may seem to be completed from outside but in actual it is just an envelope which demand further interior fit out. In this type, main supplies like water and electricity are mostly incorporated but the rest of the important facilities need to be installed later on. In other words it could be said that shell and core fit out just offers a framework for any building for further amendments.

Category A

After shell and core fit out the next step is to install further basic necessities and utilities, right? Here comes the second type of fit out construction which is known as category A fit out. This type is more advanced than the previous one as here all the basic features are installed like appropriate flooring, walls, ceilings, sockets, fire detectors and lifts etc. This type of fit out will offer appropriate functionality to the place but it will lack final touching or secondary elements to make a place worth living.

Category B

Then comes the most upgraded version of fit out construction which is known as category B fit out. In this type, final finishing is being done by incorporating all the elements which were missing in category A fit out. Usually landlords work till category A and then rent the property. The tenants are then responsible to transform this category A fit out into category B as according to their requirements. This type majorly focuses on the interior design of the place to make it aesthetically appealing as well as functional.