There are several workshops providing the facility of detailing car Dubai and people will get their services according to the reviews and the level of protection they will provide to the cars. If you want to start that work then there will be several things that you need to know about this service and you have to get many items in your workshop otherwise you will not be able to provide the best services to your clients. You can also provide other services along with the detailing like the alloy wheel refurbishment because people will like to see that too. Following are some of the important items you need to have in your workshop:

Microfiber towels

These are very important in order to keep the car ready for the treatment. You need to clean the car carefully and the microfiber towels will help you in getting the work done with great accuracy and you will not get any scratches on the surface as well because these are very soft in nature. You can use them without any fear.

Snow foam

To clean the surface from all kind of dirt you need to use some good cleaners and one of them is the snow foam lance which will help you in cleaning the surface completely. Sometimes you will not get the car cleaned totally just by using this foam and in this case you have to use some other product as well. It is not very expensive to use but will provide a good work when you sue that before painting your client’s car or before using the clear film to cover the car completely. Removing the dirt is an important part and you have to do this with great precision so that the dirt will not be visible after putting on the film.

Pressure wash

You need to have the tools with which you can wash the cars with pressure because when the water is thrown on that with pressure then it will remove the dirt completely even if the dirt is old and strongly stick to the surface. Also the pressure wash will help in washing even the smallest edges and the deep areas of the car so you have to arrange this facility for your clients otherwise the car will remain have some dirt or dust particles on that.