There are different types of car window tints depending on what kind of tint you want to have on your car windows. It would be great if you research about it before as there are certain rules and regulations about the visibility of the tint depending on the country you live in. Some of the tints are as follows:

Dyed film: It is durable and widely used window tint. It is economical and gives a decent look to your car. One of the drawbacks is that it does not provide protection from UV lights and they are not heat resistant. It can be decolorized after some time.

Crystalline: It is capable of blocking the UV lights and it is heat resistant. It drawback is that it is not very dark.

Metalized film: It has a shiny appearance and provides protection from UV light. However, this tint may interfere with phone and radio signal.

Hybrid film: It provides protection from UV rays and reflects heat. Hybrid film is very durable and does not interfere with phone or radio signal.

Carbon film: It gives UV protection and also provides protection against heat and has a sleet appearance.

Ceramic film: It offers UV protection, good visibility, heat reduction and reduced glare.

It is better to install high quality tint as it will stay longer and it also give your car a decent appearance because the low quality tints gives cheaper look to the car and it fades away quickly. Always do the research before you go for tint installation as it might allow you to decide which tint you want according to your budget and requirement.

How are car tints applied?

First, your car windows are cleaned then the film is prepared according to the size of your car window. A heat gun and card is used just as they paste the film on the window to remove air bubbles to form within the film. Soapy water is applied so that the tint move into the position and a hard edge is used to take the water out between the film and the window

You can go to the nearest market for car window tint in Dubai. There are so many places which offer car tinting deals in Dubai letting you get high quality tints in lesser cost.