A business is based on many things. Some people think that if they poured in enough money, their business will flourish but other than money, business needs heck loads of stuff to make it successful. Even though money is the basic need and requirement of any business but the fact is that we have seen many cases where people have started their business with no money and if you search the internet and put a query of ‘list of businesses that need no money’, you will be shocked to know that there are uncountable businesses like these that just need planning and strategy.

If you have some money then we suggest that you use them wisely and if you want to make sure that you double this money, then you must become a syrup supplier and if you don’t like the sound of it then you must become the coffee supplier in UAE. You must be thinking that why we are suggesting you to become either of these suppliers, well, you must know that coffee is among the list of beverages that are most consumed and if you have much coffee for distribution then your business will become a successful one. And if you start either of these businesses then you too need to meet different kinds of suppliers. If you want to know more then, keep reading on our post below.

You will be first meeting with the manufacturers and the producers. This is the best thing that will ever happen to your business that you meet the manufacturers and the producers by yourself because there will be no middle person and you can do all the buying deals with the owner yourself. Then you will be meeting with the distributors, since you are a distributor, you will have to get the product from somewhere, right? and if you cannot meet the producers and the manufacturers directly then you will need to find the main distributor of the company but there will be a catch that he or she might keep some amount of extra of the product then the original price. if you don’t find a good distributor then you will find a sub contractor who is basically doing al the work for the main distributor and he or she will also keep some extra bucks.