100% silicone caulk has the best adhesive properties and flexibility. This caulk is perfect for use in areas such as the kitchen. The downside of 100% silicone caulk is that it is so stubborn that a smooth pear can be very difficult.

You should make the silicone casserole smooth and lie flat on the table. The use of alcohol in a spray flake is one way to make the caulk simple.

What do you want?

Ethyl alcohol can function pinch, while alcohol can be rubbed

A Sprinkling Flask

Use a spray bottle to pump the alcohol on top of the bead as you put a bead of caulk in the area where you need it. You just need a small nebula so the alcohol is not stripped away.

Take the index finger and keep the index finger gently pressure around the bead of caulk. You’ll find that the caulk doesn’t adhere as poorly to your finger if you didn’t use the alcohol.

You have to gently but gradually move your finger as you do. You won’t look as accurate or seamless if you want to do it too quickly.

You have a little cock on your finger so you have to rest and wipe off the extra substance from your finger from time to time.

When you wipe the finger and start about an inch above the place in which you started, come back to smooth the caulk. This helps you to make a smooth bead where you stop and start, without slumps.

If the line you have produced includes excess silicone above or below, you must remove it immediately until it begins to harden. Alcohol should be poured on a comfortable chair and the residue can be cleaned clean.

Using the tape for the masking

A masking strip is one of the best ways to get silicone fabric around the tub smoothly without any cloth left in the shower.

You take the masking tape and bring it just a fraction of an inch over the spot where you want it to be on the toilet. Then put a string of masking tape at the top of the wash, so that there is a slight crack between the two masking tape lines.

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