We have all heard about the waterjet cutting and its ability to cut virtually any material. From jewelry making to aerospace, waterjets are involved in the production of many products you may not expect. Waterjet’s ability to cut a wide range of materials and its accuracy and high quality make it the preferred profiling method in a number of industry sectors. Below are just a few examples of industries where waterjets are thriving.

  1. AEROSPACE:  Waterjet cutting is widely used by leading aviation manufacturers.  From landing gear to controls to space exploration, our high-precision, multi-axis abrasive waterjets are ideal for the aerospace industry. The technique tends to be most commonly used for cutting:
  2. Body parts
  3. Engine components (aluminium, titanium, heat-resistant alloys)
  4. Titanium bodies for military aircraft
  5. Interior cabin panels
  6. Custom control panels and structural components for special purpose aircraft
  7. Trimming of turbine blades
  8. Aluminium skin, struts, seats, shim stock, brake components, titanium & exotic metals used in manufacturing landing gear
  9. ELECTRONICS: One of the biggest benefits of waterjet cutting is its contribution to bringing down the production cost of electrical components, which is a must for any company to be able to compete on today’s oversaturated technological market.
  10. FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENTS: There are two different applications that waterjet cutting can be used for when it comes to food manufacturing. It can either be used for the fabrication of the actual food processing equipment (for example: components for food processing lines, guards, enclosures, food handling and packaging equipment, beverage manufacturing equipment, specialty liquid filling equipment) or as part of the food production process such as in meat processing, frozen food, vegetable slicing, production of cakes and biscuits, due to its complete sterile nature and no heat generation.
  11. ARCHITECTURE & ARTWORK: When it comes to the creative sector waterjet cutting can be used for anything. From architecture to design and textile, here are some of the many applications of waterjet cutting:
  12. Artistic and architectural designs
  13. Metal artwork such as outdoor, theme park, special lighting, museum art work
  14. Components for architectural trim and window systems
  15. Signage letters in marble, glass, aluminium, brass, plastic
  16. AUTOMOTIVE: Waterjet cutting is very popular in the automotive sector as well, especially in

car and train manufacturing.

Many steel fabrication companies in UAE and other countries uses waterjet metal cutting and deliver high-end engineered metal products to a wide range of industries, including new and existing Shipbuilding, Civil & Construction, Oil & Gas, etc has been the cornerstone of continued success.