Different parts of cars will need lubrication in order to perform well and then the driver will experience the smooth run of the car. If you are new to driving and do not know about lubricants and how to use them then you can ask from the lubricant companies in Dubai and they will provide you better information in this regard. If you want to get more info here, then you need to see this below:

Dos of using lubricants: There are some situations in which you need to use lubricant and if you do not use then you will damage your car parts. Some of the parts where lubricant is needed include hinges and bearings. These bearings will work constantly when you drive the car and if they will get dry then they may get damage by the regression they have to face. Other than that tools which are used for opening up the parts of car should be lubricated so that they will have less abrasion with them and did no damage to them. While using the lubricant you should not force any part or open it up because there is no need to open everything and then lubricate. You just have to search for the small holes and drop down your lubricant through these holes.

Donts of using lubricants: There are some situations in which you need to avoid using lubricants to your car and one of the situations is when the parts of your car are too dirty. If you put the lubricant on the dirty parts then it will stick up to the dirt and then it will damage the parts over time if you do not clean that because you think you have given the lubricant while it did not reach to the original destination. You have to see that if the lubricant is too runny then it will drip down from the dirt and did not go in to the parts. Another situation is when your parts are wet or you are going to wash the car then you should not lubricate the parts because water and soap will wash away that lubricant. You need to first allow the parts to be completely dry and never wash the car or go in rain for 2 or 3 hours after lubricating the car parts.