For those who don’t know, IVF is a very complicated process, which requires the services of several doctors with diverse specializations for it to be successful. For a fertility clinic to offer assistant with IVF pregnancy, it is necessary for the facility to have experts of endocrinology, gynecology, urology, embryology, psychology and surgery on their panel. Let us take a look into the role played by different specialists in this procedure:

  1. Geneticist

For an IVF treatment to be successful, it is necessary for the patients to be assessed by a geneticist first. This particular specialist checks the patients to diagnose any genetic disorders that they might be suffering from. Most importantly, this helps avoid any complications that might arise during the pregnancy. It also assists in preventing the transfer of disorders like thalassemia to the developing baby.

  1. Reproductive endocrinologist

This is also an IVF specialist who is responsible for monitoring the hormonal changes that occur in the patients’ body all through the treatment cycle. The role of a reproductive endocrinologist is extremely important as even the slightest hormonal changes can have a significant impact on both the chances of conceiving a baby, and later on upholding the pregnancy.

  1. Reproductive surgeon and urologist

The services of a reproductive surgeon are required for the treatment of conditions like endometriosis, urinary tract disorders and obstructions within the fallopian tubes. These are conditions that have no other treatment option, which is why it is necessary for a reproductive surgeon to be on the panel at an IVF clinic. On the other hand, a reproductive urologist is responsible for treating urinary tract disorders that might be affecting the male partner. It is necessary for the urologist to hold the ability to carry out basic surgical procedures to get rid of any obstructions and defects that might be affecting the urinary tract of the male partner.

  1. Embryologist, gynecologist and andrologist

To put it in simple words, embryologists hold a specialty in maintaining viable embryos once they have been fertilized. The reason why the services of this particular expert are so important is because they have the knowledge required to freeze unused embryos too. On the other hand, an andrologist takes on the responsibility of keeping an eye on sperm quality and male hormones. A gynecologist further completes the team with her expert insight on maintaining a viable pregnancy. Look at here for more details.